Cutting Edge of Transplantation 2018

CEoT is born…

How do we continue to innovate and advance the field of transplantation and continue to serve a growing population in need of organ transplantation in one of (if not the) most highly regulated areas of medicine?

CEoT 2018 will focus on breaking through these regulatory barriers to unleash the innovation needed to safely address these concerns. Key representatives from the transplant community and these regulatory bodies will participate in an interactive forum to respectfully debate and explore common ground where these advances can be successfully explored in a manner that is safe for patients and does not bring unintended and potentially harmful financial or punitive consequences to transplant programs desiring to think outside of the box.

Who should attend?

CEoT 2018’s primary audience is transplant professionals.  If you are physicians, surgeons, nurses, administrators and researchers working in the field of transplantation, then CEoT is a must-attend event for you. 

This meeting will be of interest to all subspecialties as well as administrators due to the nature of this discussion’s regulatory impact on a transplant program as a whole. Due to the unique conditions involved with thoracic transplantation, CEoT 2018 will offer separate tracts for heart and lung transplant specialists. These specialty tracts offer thoracic transplant specialists an opportunity to frame the core themes of the CEoT 2018 meeting in terms of their specific challenges.  This meeting is being offered for up to 13.0 credits/contact hours. 

What will be discussed at CEoT?

This Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) meeting brings together clinical and regulatory experts from the field of transplantation medicine in an interactive forum designed to further the understanding of advances in clinical transplantation, as well as regulatory policies that impact transplant and provide tools to integrate these advances into clinical practice.