Abstract Submission is Closed

Abstracts will be presented in poster format. All abstracts presented at CEoT will receive focused attention and constructive feedback from attendees and faculty. 

Abstract presenters must register on their own and cover all of their own travel costs. 

Abstracts presented or accepted for presentation by a young investigator (defined as a medical student, resident, or fellow) at an AST or ASTS national meeting within the previous year may also be submitted to the American Transplant Congress (ATC). 


Ÿ Approaches to assess and/or intervene in potential transplant recipients at increased risk due to obesity, malnutrition, frailty, smoking, excessive use of alcohol or illegal drugs

Ÿ Describe the process and potential benefits of developing centers with specialized expertise in transplanting and caring for increased risk or complex patients such as those requiring desensitization or those with comorbid conditions such as HIV or hepatitis C infection, frailty, malnutrition, diabetes, etc.

Ÿ Report the development, implementation, or clinical utility of assays or diagnostics to risk stratify transplant recipients or guide decisions about the management of immunosuppression

Ÿ Describe the development, implementation, and outcomes of developing personalized approaches to care delivery following transplantation

Ÿ Describe approaches to optimize organ acceptance criteria that take into account unique clinical and biological variables of individuals

Ÿ Describe how technology may enable real-time, remote monitoring of transplant recipients to facilitate more rapid and personalized interventions

Ÿ Report how new diagnostics or algorithms in the detection and/or characterization of donor specific antibodies or sensitization to HLA molecules or epitopes can be used to individualize transplant care

Young Innovator Award Travel Grants
AST will award a limited number of Young Innovator Award (YIA) travel grants to the highest scoring abstracts submitted by emerging professionals in transplantation. If awarded a YIA travel grant, the recipient must register for and attend the Cutting Edge of Transplantation and present the abstract. The Planning Committee will award travel grants in the amount of $500 each.

Eligibility for the YIA Award

Trainees, post-doctoral fellows, clinical fellows and residents, surgical fellows, research fellows, young investigators within 3 years of completing their post-doctoral fellowship, and transplant pharmacists and allied health professionals in transplant (nurses, coordinators, physician assistants) working in transplantation for 3 years or less are eligible.

Poster Construction

We will use poster boards that are 6 ft (1.8 m) WIDE by 4 ft (1.2 m) HIGH. These are less wide than traditional 8 ft (2.4 m) wide poster boards. Please create your poster to cover most of the board surface.