Travel Grants

Am I eligible to apply for a travel grant?

Fellows, residents, trainees and pharmacists who meet the registration eligibility criteria and the travel grant criteria below can apply for a travel grant. Non-doctoral allied health professionals are not eligible for travel grants BUT they can still attend the meeting without one, if accepted. Approximately 145 travel grants will be awarded, and approximately 20 additional attendees can attend without travel assistance from AST.

Travel grant application criteria:

  1. Must be a fellow, resident, trainee or pharmacist (PharmD)
  2. Sponsored by an AST member in good standing (Note: sponsors are limited to supporting one applicant from within their institution and one from outside of their institution)
  3. Must be attending the AST Fellows Symposium for the first time
  4. Must certify that they do not have other funding for travel (e.g. research stipend, award)
  5. Must stay Friday and Saturday nights at the meeting hotel and participate in the entire program.

OK, I am eligible for a travel grant, now how do I apply?

Please visit our Registration Page for more details on how to apply. 

Travel Grant Request Deadline:
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Travel Grant Notification (Accept or Decline):
On or about August 7, 2017

Eligible registrants interested in requesting a travel grant must complete the Travel Grant section during the online registration process and must pay the registration fee. By selecting the answer, "Yes, (I meet the travel grant eligibility criteria)" to the question, "Are you applying for a travel grant?" during the registration process, you are applying for a travel grant. You cannot apply at a later date after your online registration has been completed. Fellow, resident, trainee or pharmacist status will be verified based on the information provided in the certification section. All applicants must have a sponsor. Each sponsor can support only one applicant from within their institution and one applicant from outside of their institutiion.


All travel grant applicants will be notified as to whether or not they have been awarded a grant on or around August 7, 2017. It is at that time that meeting attendees are given instructions for making hotel and travel arrangements. If an applicant is denied a travel grant, the applicant will have the option of requesting a full refund of the registration fee or attending the meeting without a travel grant.

How many people can get a travel grant from my institution/program?

No more than a total of two applicants from the same program will be issued a travel grant, and no more than a total of four applicants from the same institution will be issued a grant. If your institution will change between now and September 15, 2017, register using the details of your future institution.

What does the travel grant cover?

The travel grant includes two nights at the conference center and meals during the conference, an approximate value of $570. The travel grant also covers the cost of your roundtrip flight up to $275. All flights must be booked through the AST preferred travel agent, Crystal Travel, and will be billed directly to AST. You are responsible for any flight amount over $275 and any additional expenses for luggage, hotel, taxi, parking and meals outside of the conference. For those who drive to the meeting, mileage will be reimbursed in lieu of a flight, up to $275.

Non-reimbursable Expenses

Other than the specific items listed above, AST will not reimburse any other expenses including, but not limited to: registration fee, ground transportation at your home airport or in Grapevine (taxi/shuttle), gasoline, meals on own while traveling or during the conference (e.g. room service), long-distance phone calls, flight upgrades/changes or checked bags, entertainment (in hotel or offsite), or tips/gratuities. Special note about rental cars: if you use a rental car to drive to the meeting in lieu of flying, you may submit for reimbursement the cost of the rental itself plus gas and tolls, not mileage. Up to $275 will be covered regardless of your total expense. If you fly to Texas and rent a car while attending the meeting, rental car expense will not be reimbursed.