2017 COP Donation Derby


Thank you for your participation in the 2017 Donation Derby!

Thank you for your participation in the AST Communities of Practice (COPs). Our COPs allow members to connect, share resources, and advocate for the patients we serve.

Every year, we hold a COP giving contest. This contest not only helps the AST, but it allows COPs fund their missions.

How it works:

  • Now through December 31, 2017, all donations made on the AST donation page or the Power2Save initiative will help your COPs in the Donation Derby.
  • There will be two $1,000 prizes given to:
    • The COP with the highest percentage of members who make donations.
    • The COP with the largest dollar amount of donations.
    • If a COP has the highest percentage of members donating AND the largest dollar amount, they will win both $1,000 prizes.

As an added bonus, all COPs will receive 50% of the funds that their members donated to use towards a board-approved initiative.

The results will be updated weekly on the Donation Derby webpage. Check back for updates on how your COP is performing!

All donations made through December 31, 2017, will count towards this contest. If you are a member of multiple COPs, your donation will be split evenly between COPs. To request specific designations, please contact Anne Kreiss at akreiss@myast.org.

Members may designate their donations to specific areas of the AST including TIRN, Education, Advocacy, Fellows, and the AST Endowment Fund. For more information, visit the donation page. Members are also eligible for member giving opportunities. All donations are tax deductible. 

Donation Derby - By Percentage of Member Donations 

Last year, COPs had an average of 3.6% member participation during the giving contest. This year, we have set the track for COPs to aim to have 10% of its member participating in the contest. The COP with the largest percentage of participating members will win this portion of the contest. Any donation amounts from individuals will count towards this race. All donations made through the AST donation page or Power2Save will count towards this contest. 



Donation Derby - By Total COP Donation Amount

Last year, the Community of Basic Scientists (COBS) did a fantastic job raising funds for the contest. COBS was able to raise nearly $4,500 but did not have the highest percentage of member donations. This year, we are giving the COP with the largest donation amount the chance to put additional funds into their COP. 

The track ends at $2,000, but the COP with the largest amount of donations will win this race. All donations made through the AST donation page or Power2Save will count towards this contest. Additional stars on this chart represent an additional $500.



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