Olivia Kates, MD

Infectious Diseases
Graduated From: 
Cornell University (undergraduate), Tufts University School of Medicine, NYP Columbia University Medical Center (internship and residency)
Current Position: 
Senior fellow, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, University of Washington
Current Projects: 
Recently, most of my time has been devoted to University of Washington COVID-19 SOT Registry project, with Dr. Ajit Limaye, Dr. Cindy Fisher, and multiple collaborators around the country and around the world. My other major research focus has been in antimicrobial utilization for oncology and stem-cell transplant patients at the end of life. I'm also pursuing a Masters degree in bioethics, exploring ethical issues in vaccination and transplant listing. 
What made you decide to work in transplantation?: 
I enjoy working at the intersection of infectious diseases and bioethics. That includes outbreak response, antimicrobial stewardship, vaccination, and of course transplantation. The collaborative, cross-specialty experience in transplantation is also unmatched, even in other consultative roles. 
What do you find to be the most valuable aspect of your work?: 
My mentors and colleagues are such thoughtful, curious people. Working with, learning from, and being encouraged by such a dynamic community is a privilege. 
How have you served AST?: 
I am an AST member in training. I haven't done much to serve yet, but my membership has provided a platform to share the progress of our registry project, and the AST community has been instrumental in building and supporting the registry. I am very grateful. 
Fun Facts: 
My Pomeranians, Wotan and Namo, may not look like much, but they're very adventurous. We enjoy hikes all around Seattle, and they don't mind trekking up to 10 miles in rain or snow. In this picture we're at Skyline Lake!