Shikha Mehta, MD FAST

Transplant Nephrology
Graduated From: 
MAMC, New Delhi, India (MBBS); University of Alabama at Birmingham (Residency and Fellowship)
Current Position: 
Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham. Medical Director, Kidney Accountable Care Team, UAB. Medical Director, HIV Transplant Program, UAB. Medical Director, Hepatitis C Transplant program, UAB. Clinical Co-Director, Renal Module, UAB School of Medicine. Clinical Skills Scholar, UAB.
Current Projects: 
I have been working on increasing utilization of Hepatitis C+, HIV+ and high KDPI deceased donor organs in Alabama and surrounding areas and streamlining the process for our patients to achieve the goal of transplant. I am currently working on HIV transplant research projects and recently have been part of the tolerance trials to achieve freedom from long term immunosuppression in transplant patients. As the newly appointed Chair of the AST Comprehensive Trainee Curriculum subcommittee, I plan to carry forward the education mission of the AST to promote learning and professional education for its members.
What made you decide to work in transplantation?: 
Transplantation is an ever evolving and exciting field with a mission to secure a healthy future for patients with end stage disease. As a physician I was attracted to this multifaceted field, which is filled with hope and gives patients a chance to ‘cheat’ end stage diseases to resume a normal life. Transplantation offers a unique opportunity for intellectual growth while thinking critically about complex patients using knowledge from a vast array of areas of medicine and surgery while also providing opportunity for research and innovation.
What do you find to be the most valuable aspect of your work?: 
The field of transplantation offers a unique opportunity for intellectual growth, research, and innovation which initially attracted me to this field but the most rewarding and powerful part of my work has been sharing long lasting journeys with patients with end-stage life threatening disease, helping them resume a normal life, and seeing them share their hope and lives with their loved ones.
How have you served AST?: 
I have been a member of the AST since I was in training.  More recently I have had the privilege to serve as a Member-at-Large of the AST Education Committee; the Chair of the Comprehensive Trainee Curriculum subcommittee and a Member-at-large of the AST TYF COP.  I have enjoyed meeting and making relationships with other AST members and colleagues from all over the United States and the world – many of whom have become close friends and mentors.  Working together with some of the brightest minds in the field of transplantation has been a humbling yet a very rewarding and wonderful learning experience all at the same time. 
Fun Facts: 
My new COVID19 pandemic-friendly hobbies include playing tennis, ping-pong, biking, and Peloton-ing.