Transplant Community Advisory Council

The Transplant Community Advisory Council (TCAC) is a transplant community-led group that includes transplant candidates, recipients, living donors, and caregivers. This group focuses on the Society's pillars of advocacy, education, organ donation, research, and service to the community through the lens of the patient. The Society strives to incorporate the patient voice into its advocacy efforts and meetings.

Staff Liaison: Brooke Iarkowski

Chair: Alin Gragossian (2024)
Past Chair: Lisa Cantwell (2024)
Board Liaison: Vineeta Kumar (2024)
Ex-Officio: Ronald Gill (2024)

Peggy Averitt
Sara Beattie
Lynn Carey
Charles Cook
Edward Drake
Kelly Duren
Madelyn Flickinger
George Franklin
Joseph Hillenburg
Yosef Telsner
Robin Vedaa