Daniel R. Salomon Frontiers in Transplantation Endowment (FITE)

In memory of former AST President and Transplantation and Immunology Research Network (TIRN) co-founder Daniel R. Salomon, the American Society of Transplantation is partnering with the Salomon family to create a memorial fund entitled the Frontiers in Transplantation Endowment (FITE).


Dr. Dan Salomon’s main goal was to better the lives of people with end-stage organ disease by pushing the boundaries of current research and promoting translational science.

Dr. Salomon realized that constraints in funding often result in scientific approaches that are conservative, resulting in only incremental advances on our boundaries of knowledge. 

The AST would like to create a sustainable award that memorializes Dr. Salomon and funds the type of transformative research he advocated for.

Purpose of Award

The Frontiers in Transplantation Endowment (FITE) award is designed to promote high risk/high payoff science. It will be directed to untested, potentially transformative, research ideas or approaches that apply diverse expertise or that engage novel or interdisciplinary perspectives applicable to transplantation science. 

Award Details

The award structure and amount will be determined after April 2017. It is anticipated that the first grant will be awarded in late 2017. This grant will not be used to support projects that are more appropriate for other AST TIRN grants. 

Donating to the FITE Memorial Fund

The FITE is supported by personal, tax-deductible donations through the Power2Save fundraising site and designating their gift to the “Daniel R. Salomon Memorial Fund.”  AST thanks donors to the fund here.

Donations will be accepted on an ongoing basis, with a concerted effort to fund the endowment between December 2016 and April 2017.

AST has been recognized by Charity Navigator with a 4-Star rating, their highest honor, which demonstrates the society’s strong financial health and a commitment to accountability and transparency.

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Read the AST’s tribute to Dr. Salomon.