Governance Committee

Staff Liaison: Shandie Covington

Chair/Board Liaison/Past President: Emily Blumberg
Co-Chair/President: Richard Formica
President-Elect: John Gill
Secretary: Deepali Kumar
Treasurer: Josh Levitsky
Immediate Past Councilor: Deborah Adey
Immediate Past Councilor: David Foley
Immediate Past Councilor: Marian Michaels
1st Immediate Past President: Dianne McKay
2nd Immediate Past President: Ronald Gill

2020 - 2021 Initiatives

  • Evaluate nominations for board positions from the membership
  • Work to develop a slate of nominees that will ensure adequate constituency representation, and offer proper expertise and leadership skills to the board
  • Promote diversity on the board by requesting specific nominations from the membership
  • Develop the slate of nominees for positions on the board that will be presented to the membership for a vote during the annual meeting