Innovation Award

For 2022, the Innovation Award has been replaced by the Transplant Visionaries Challenge taking place on February 18, 2022 in Scottsdale, AZ during the CEoT meeting. For more information regarding the Transplant Visionaries Challenge, please visit us here.

Transplantation was founded on the spirit of innovation and experimentation. AST created the Innovation Award to honor an individual or team whose big ideas and outside the box thinking has made a significant impact on transplantation. The award is designed to showcase successes in transplant innovation and to drive, recognize, and reward novel ideas.

Past Innovation Award Recipients

2021: OPTN/UNOS Disease Transmission Advisory Committee for its leadership in establishing a standardized national reporting system for donor-derived diseases in transplantation
2020: THINKER project: University of Pennsylvania for their program in Transplanting hepatitis C infected organs into uninfected recipients, followed by antiviral treatment
2019: National Kidney Registry for their Paired Kidney Exchange Program
2018: University Health Network, Toronto for their program in Ex Vivo Organ Perfusion