Public Policy Committee

Staff Liaison: Shandie Covington

Chair: Luke Preczewski (2024)
Co-Chair: Roy Bloom (2024)
Board Liaison: Nicole Turgeon (2024)

Harini Chakkera (2025)
Abhi Humar (2024)
Jennifer Milton (2025)
Jesse Schold (2024)
Nicole Turgeon (2024)
Ann Woolley (2024)
Ryan Fischer (2026)
Maryam Valapour (2026)
Dempsey Hughes (2025)




Committee Mission

The AST continues to build upon its mission of advancing the field of transplantation and improving patient care through its advocacy efforts. The Public Policy Committee meets monthly by phone to receive updates on current transplant-related legislative and regulatory activities, develop and refresh the Society's key position statements, and provide input to the Board of Directors as needed in these areas. In addition to these calls, committee members partner with transplant community members (candidates, recipients, living donors, caregivers) in Washington DC to speak with Congressional representatives to share both personal and professional insight related to key transplantation issues.