Scientific Review Committee

Staff Liaison: Melissa Patterson

2020-2021 Scientific Review Committee

Senior Chair: Mandy Ford 
Past Senior Chair: Sheri Krams

Basic Science Chair: Megan Levings
Basic Science Co-Chair: Ana Konvalinka
Jamil Azzi
Wenhao Chen
Andrew Gelman
Xunrong Luo
Giorgio Raimondi
Anna Valujskikh

Clinical Science Chair:  Jayme Locke
Clinical Science Co-Chair: Deirdre Sawinski
Sindhu Chandran
Macey Henderson
Atul Humar
Thomas Schiano
Jane Tan
Vincent Valentine

Translational Science Chair: William Kitchens
Translational Science Co-Chair: Joanna Schaenman
Beau Kelly
Keri Lunsford
Katherine Twombley
Raimon Duran-Struuck
Alberto Sanchez-Fueyo
Anat Tambur


2020-2021 Initiatives
  • Select 2020 recipients of the AST Faculty and Fellowship Grants
  • Continue streamlining and improving the AST Grants Program and review process
  • Promote success of the AST Grants Program (newsletter articles, marketing pieces, etc.)