Scientific Review Committee

Staff Liaison: Melissa Patterson

2019-2020 Appointments 

Senior Chair: Sheri Krams 
Past Senior Chair: Jonathan Maltzman
Basic Science Chair: Heth Turnquist
Basic Science Co-Chair: Megan Levings
Clinical Science Chair:  Michelle Josephson
Clinical Science Co-Chair: Jayme Locke
Translational Science Chair: Valeria Mas
Translational Science Co-Chair: William Kitchens

Paolo Cravedi
Ana Konvalinka
Xunrong Luo
Andrew Gelman
Wenhao Chen
Jamil Azzi
Deirdre Sawinski
Sindhu Chandran
Jane Tan
Atul Humar
Thomas Schiano
Vincent Valentine
Adrian Morelli
Beau Kelly
Katherine Twombley
Raimon Duran-Struuck
Anat Tambur
Joanna Schaenman

2018-2019 Initiatives
  • Select 2019 recipients of the AST Faculty and Fellowship Grants
  • Continue streamlining and improving the AST Grants Program and review process
  • Promote success of the AST Grants Program (newsletter articles, marketing pieces, etc.)