2018 Awards and Grant Recipients

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The American Society of Transplantation (AST) announced the recipients of its 2018 Achievement Awards at the recent American Transplant Congress (ATC) meeting in Seattle, WA. The recipients were awarded for their achievements and contributions to the AST and the field of transplantation.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Robert Gaston, MD

The 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Robert Gaston, MD. It was presented in memory of Dr. Terry Strom.

Dr. Gaston has provided life-saving transplants for thousands of patients and has helped over 100 Fellows become established investigators. He has published over 300 articles, book chapters, and abstracts in nephrology, hypertension, immunology, public policy, and transplantation. Dr. Gaston served as the AST President from 2011-2012.


AST Achievement Awards

Senior Achievement in Clinical Transplantation - Douglas Norman, MD

Dr. Norman is known for his contributions to transplantation teaching, service, and science for over 40 years.

Mentoring - Christian Larsen, MD

The Mentoring Award highlights AST members who have made outstanding contributions to the training of students and colleagues. Dr. Larsen formally mentored over 35 fellows ranging from fellows to junior faculty.

Clinician of Distinction - Jennifer Trofe-Clark, PharmD

The Clinician of Distinction Award is given to a non-physician who is recognized for outstanding contributions to clinical transplantation. Dr. Trofe-Clark oversees prescriptions for the renal transplant floor and outpatient setting. She is also involved in numerous quality improvement projects.

Transplant Advocacy - Steven Farber, J.D. 

The AST Transplant Advocacy Award is given to a non-AST member who has been a champion for transplantation. Mr. Farber co-founded the American Transplant Foundation in 2005 after finding out that he needed a kidney transplant.

Basic Science Established Investigator - Jordan Pober, MD, PhD

Dr. Pober has been at the forefront of the field at the basic, mechanistic, and translational level. He has dedicated his career to understanding the endothelial cell.

Clinical Science Established Investigator - Michael Mengel, MD

Dr. Mengel has focused his work on transplant diagnostics, specifically the Banff process and molecular assessment of transplant biopsies.

Basic Science Investigator - Adrian Morelli, MD, PhD

Dr. Morelli’s focus has been primarily on dendritic cells. He is seen as one of the experts in dendritic cell biology.

Clinical Science Investigator - Deepali Kumar, MD

Dr. Kumar is best known as a scientific pioneer in the use of assays that measure cell-mediated immunity to guide CMV prevention strategies.

Basic Science Career Development - Jamil Azzi, MD

Dr. Azzi’s innovative lab has advanced our understanding of the immunoproteasome role in alloimmunity and showed a key role of the granzyme axes in Treg homeostasis.

Clinical Science Career Development - Lisa VanWagner, MD

Dr. VanWagmer’s contributions include 40 co-authored publications, many in the area of cardiovascular complications in liver transplant recipients.


AST Faculty and Fellowship Grants

Translational Faculty
Ibrahim Batal, MD
Columbia University

Clinical Fellowship
Matthew Kadatz, MD, FRCPC
University of British Columbia

Clinical Faculty
Holly Mansell, PharmD
University of Saskatchewan

Basic Fellowship
Jasson Ossart, MSc
University of Pittsburgh

Translational Fellowship
Daniel Dugger, PhD, DVM, DACVECC
The Regents of Univ of California, San Diego