Change to the AJT Instructions to Authors for Meeting Reports

Thursday, April 6, 2023

The AJT Instructions for Authors for multiple submission types have changed. The new version for Meeting Reports is listed below.

Meeting reports delineate the major outcomes of a congress or consensus meeting of special relevance and importance to transplantation. Manuscripts should not be a simple account of the proceedings but should focus on impactful deliberations or finding that have the potential to change thought and/or practice. The manuscript must include specifically address each of the following points:

1. Cover Letter: Statement as to the number of planned manuscripts related to the specified meeting and the scope of each manuscript
2. Methods or Supplementary Methods:

  • Description of how meeting participants were chosen. Meeting participants should represent the opinions of stakeholders that who accurately and proportionately mirror the diversity of the community, or there must be an explanation as to why this was either not possible or not desirable.
  • Description of the methodologies used to ensure the findings’ accuracy. Conclusions must be supported by data consistent with a scientific publication.
  • In addition, if the manuscript reports Consensus Recommendations, please follow the ACCORD guideline: “ACCORD guideline for reporting consensus-based methods in biomedical research and clinical practice: a study protocol. PMID: 35672782; PMCID: PMC9171734; doi: 10.1186/s41073-022-00122-0