AST Holds Living Donor Circle of Excellence Event and Announces Council Members

Friday, July 8, 2022


During the 2022 American Transplant Congress (ATC) in Boston, MA, the AST held the inaugural Living Donor Circle of Excellence Reception, which honored living donors and the companies that offer paid leave to employees who choose to become living donors.

During the event, the AST presented awards to the Circle of Excellence Founding Partner, UnitedHealth Group, and to its Strategic Partners, the National Kidney Foundation, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, and the Canadian Society of Transplantation.

Launched in 2020, the Living Donor Circle of Excellence now has 84 members covering 2 million employees. To celebrate these companies and expand the reach of the program, a Circle of Excellence ad was featured in the Boston Globe during ATC.


Living Donors at Living Donor Circle of Excellence Event

The AST presents awards to UnitedHealth Group, the National Kidney Foundation, and The Kidney Foundation of Canada.


The AST is proud to announce its Circle of Excellence inaugural Governance Council members:

John Gill, MD, MS, University of British Columbia

James Rodrigue, PhD, Harvard University

Ken Newell, MD, PhD, Emory University

Besty Verna, MD, MS, Columbia University

Beth Burbridge, Living Donor

Jeffrey Schiff, MD, Toronto General Hospital, University Health Network

Chris Jackson, National Kidney Foundation

Ben Hippen, MD, Fresenius Medical Care

Matthew Cooper, MD, Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute

Jon Friedman, MD, Eurofins - Transplant Genomics

Andrea Schmidt, Optum