2019 Award and Grant Recipients

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The American Society of Transplantation (AST) announced the recipients of its 2019 Achievement Awards at the recent American Transplant Congress (ATC) meeting in Boston, MA. The recipients were awarded for their achievements and contributions to the AST and the field of transplantation.

Lifetime Achievement Award – Jay Fishman, MD

The 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Jay Fishman, MD. Dr. Fishman is recognized internationally as a leader in transplantation and in infectious disease. He is known for his work in the integration of research in microbiology and infectious disease with transplant immunology. He has chaired or co-chaired the AST Education, Development, Minority Affairs, and ATC Program Committees. He also founded the AST Infectious Disease Community of Practice.


AST Achievement Awards

Senior Achievement in Clinical Transplantation -  Allan Kirk, MD, PhD

Dr. Kirk has made a tremendous impact on the field of transplantation over the last 27 years in both clinical and research settings.

Mentoring - Michelle Josephson, MD

Dr. Josephson has been an advocate for mentorship for over 20 years, both nationally and locally.

Clinician of Distinction - Amy Waterman, PhD

Dr. Waterman has focused on advocating for living donation. She oversees her center's National Living Donor Registry for SRTR. 

Transplant Advocacy - Lindsey Duquette

Lindsey started advocating at age 7 when she began championing for more clinical trials and increased research funding.

Basic Science Established Investigator - Maria-Luisa Alegre, MD, PhD

Dr. Alegre's work has been productive and highly original. It transcends organ transplantation and extends to autoimmunity, tumor immunology, and fundamental understanding of the immune system.

Clinical Science Established Investigator - Jesse Schold, PhD M Stat MEd

Dr. Schold has risen to be one of the major thought leaders in transplant “health services” research. His objectivity and collegiality has marked him as a senior statesman.

Clinical Science Investigator - Deirdre Sawinski, MD

Dr. Sawinski has focused her clinical research on the use of HIV and HCV donor organs. She led groundbreaking studies that have revolutionalized best practices for transplant centers

Basic Science Career Development - Mandy Ford, PhD

Dr. Ford's research over the past decade is distinguished by its innovation, impact, and widening influence. It has provided mechanistic insight and therapeutic implications.

Clinical Science Career Development - Paulo Martins, MD, PhD

Dr. Martin's experiments have obtained national and international recognition, and his research has significantly contributed to the field, notably in transplant immunology of aging, organ preservation, and donor/graft treatment.

AST Clinical Science Career Development Award - Christine Durand, MD

Dr. Durand has dedicated her clinical and research efforts to exploring the use of HIV and HCV infected donor organs and recipients. She designed and led the first pilot trial of HIV-to-HIV transplantation.


2018 Directed Grant
Megan Sykes, MD

2019 AST Faculty and Fellowship Grants

Translational Faculty
Mamatha Bhat, MD, MSc, PhD, FRCPC

Clinical Science Faculty
Carli Lehr, MD, MS

Basic Science Fellowship
Arun Cumpelik, MD PhD

Basic Science Fellowship
Kryscilla Yang, MD