SRTR Announcement: January 2018 PSRs and OSRs Now Available

Friday, January 5, 2018

The January 2018 PSRs/OSRs now reflect new posttransplant liver risk adjustment models, new waitlist transplant and mortality rate models, expanded offer acceptance reports, and updated organ yield models. For an in-depth look at these improvements, visit our news page to read our previous announcements about these updates.

For offer acceptance reports, SRTR has integrated liver, heart, and lung offer acceptance metrics into the PSRs. In addition to the offer acceptance metrics provided in the public reports, SRTR is providing offer acceptance CUSUM charts along with a national summary report on the SRTR secure site*. The national summary report is also provided to the OPOs.

Additionally, waitlist transplant and mortality rate models now report on 2-year cohorts rather than 1-year cohorts.

Transplant programs and OPOs can log onto the SRTR Secure Site to view the PSRs/OSRs January 2018 release. The reports are also now available on the SRTR public & beta sites. Stay up to date on PSR and OSR reporting time­lines by visiting


* Secure site access is only available to transplant program and OPO staff.