Vascular Composite Allotransplant Advisory Council

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Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss

Chair: Linda Cendales
Co-Chair: Hatem Amer
Board Liaison: Elizabeth Verna
L. Scott Levin
Elaine Reed
Jaimie Shores
Christopher Ensor
Melissa Greenwald
Shmuel Shoham
Rolf Barth
Paige Porrett

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Continue the Multidisciplinary activities/educational initiatives in VCA for Nationwide distribution.
  • Put forward proposals for the inclusion of VCA in research award opportunities.
  • Submit VCA proposal(s) for different programs/opportunities at the 2021 ATC meeting (as VCA AC and in collaboration with other COPs).
  • Submit VCA proposals for other transplant-related meetings.
  • Continue participation in OPTN/UNOS public comment responses.
  • Continue efforts to support research in VCA.
  • Develop new and foster collaborations with other COPs