COP Executive Committee Toolkit

Thank you for volunteering to serve on an AST Community of Practice (COP) Executive Committee (EC). Your EC's volunteer leadership will be the center of your COP's strength. Your efforts and expertise will guide your COP, and advance education and research in your specialty. Your participation is both important and appreciated!

Whether you are a new COP EC member or you are in the middle of your EC term, we are here to help answer your questions! This section has been designed to assist you in participating in your EC and leading your COP. The COP Executive Committee Toolkit (Toolkit) will provide you with tools to run effective meetings, handle COP projects, and better understand your duties as a leader within AST.

Introduction to the Community of Practice (COP) Executive Committee (EC) Toolkit

We have gathered resources, instructions, AST policies, guidelines, forms, and templates in one place. They have been by categories so that you can easily find them. We hope this Toolkit will answer many of your questions, and give you the necessary tools for the work of your EC.

When you cannot find the answer here or need clarification, your best guides are your AST Board Liaison and Staff Liaison. Collaborating with them on the work of your EC and the entire COP is essential. They can direct you to what you need and provide answers to your questions. Your Board Liaison will provide overall, high level direction from the AST Board of Directors (Board), and assist you in getting your projects and initiatives approved. Your Staff Liaison will help you accomplish the business of accomplishing your initiatives, and provide valuable experience on how to accomplish the work that you have planned.

COP Executive Committee Overview

A COP Executive Committee serves as the core leadership unit within a Community of Practice, and performs the following functions:

  • The EC provides community leadership and serves as the core governance group for the COP. The EC responsibilities, based on initiatives approved by the AST Board, include setting annual goals and objectives, assigning project responsibilities, and monitoring progress in achieving goals and objectives.
  • The EC proposes COP initiatives on an annual basis. Generally, this means submitting suggestions to the Board of Directors and/or the Education Committee for new activities that might be undertaken by the community to incorporate into COP Initiatives.
  • The EC builds the COP and assesses member needs. This includes reaching out to COP members to serve on work groups established to engage community membership and accomplish strategic initiatives and maintaining engagement on the COP Online Community (including posting discussion items, library resources, and other material).
COP Executive Committee Checklist

The COP Executive Committee Toolkit will be comprised of the categories listed below. Each category will contain detailed resources and information to help you. The core of the COP Executive Committee Toolkit can be found within the documents contained in the "COP Policies and Procedures" section. The remaining sessions will be added over time, to expand on these core documents and provide you with tips and insight on effective COP stewardship.

  1. Accomplish Work
  2. Communication and Collaboration
  3. COPs and the AST Board
  4. Nominations and Elections
  5. COP Policies and Procedures

Thank you again for your interest and efforts in advancing your AST COP!