The 2019 Donation Derby

It is that time of the year again! The COP Donation Derby has officially started, allowing our Communities of Practice (COPs) to engage with their members and fundraise for important initiatives and projects.

The AST’s COPs do incredible work and bring great ideas to the table. While it is not possible for the AST to fund every project, event, or initiative that a COP suggests, the Donation Derby provides an opportunity for the COPs to reach their potential each year.

What is the Donation Derby?

From now to the end of the year, the AST will hold its third annual COP Donation Derby. The Donation Derby is a contest that allows COP members to support the AST and the goals of their COP(s). 

There are two prizes of $1,000 awarded. One to the COP who raises the largest number of funds and one to the COP who has the largest member participation.

Additionally, all COPs automatically receive 50% of the donations their members contribute. As an added bonus, COPs that have a 10% or higher participation rate are rewarded with 75% of the funds they raise.

Why the Derby Matters

The contributions from the Donation Derby make a significant impact to the AST and its COPs. Contributors have the option of choosing the AST program (Fellows, Research, Education, or Advocacy) as well as their designated COP(s).

Last year, the average COP received approximately $1,600 just for participating. These funds made it possible for COPs to fund several activities and initiatives, including:

  • Mentoring programs
  • Workgroup meetings
  • Networking events for members
  • Event and award sponsorships
  • COP-specific awards
  • Publication and open access fees

Many of our COPs have made this fun, too, by naming their horses, making videos, and implementing creative fundraising appeals. 

How to Contribute

You can participate by making a donation on the AST website. You must be logged in to allocate your funds to specific COP(s).

Check the progress of your COP(s) on the Donation Derby webpage.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Donation Derby. This fundraiser allows the AST to fund its core programs and tremendously helps our COPs continue to do outstanding work.

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