How AST Can Boost Your Career

I encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities that we offer. The AST has been my professional home for two decades. Through the AST, I’m fortunate to have found like-minded colleagues, have interesting discussions, start research collaborations, and bring ideas for new initiatives to enrich my own local program. The AST has been very important for my professional growth, and I want to make sure that through the AST, you are able to maximize your learning and opportunities for national and international recognition of your work. Here are the top three ways to make this happen:

#1 – Attend and present your work at the AST meetings (ATC, CEoT)

#2 – Join one or more Communities of Practice so you can network at and in between meetings

#3 – Bring your ideas for creating new educational content so everyone can benefit

The AST is now a community of over 4,300 transplant professionals, spanning the globe and representing every major specialty in our field. By becoming involved with the Society and taking advantage of our networking opportunities, we want to provide you with ample opportunity to expand your professional network beyond your institution.

AST membership provides several benefits to transplant professionals. Here are three of the top benefits that our members love.

Expand Your Networking

Over two-thirds of AST members have joined one or more Community of Practice (COP). COPs are specialty groups within the organization that allow members to exchange knowledge, network, advocate for issues, form research collaborations, and develop resources.

COP members engage in several ways, including the COP Hub, workgroups, and in-person events at the American Transplant Congress (ATC).

Some of our largest COPs include Infectious Diseases (IDCOP), Kidney Pancreas (KPCOP), Trainee and Young Faculty (TYF COP), and Living Donor (LDCOP). There are now 17 Communities of Practice, so you're sure to find a place to connect.


Our members receive meeting discounts, which is one of the most valuable benefits of AST membership.

Each year, the AST and American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) holds our joint annual meeting, the American Transplant Congress (ATC). This meeting includes a comprehensive program with world-class speakers. Next year, we will welcome thousands of transplant professionals to ATC 2023 in San Diego. 

AST members receive a significant discount to the ATC meeting. In 2022, AST members saved up to 45% on ATC registration, making it one of the top benefits for members.

Members also receive a significant discount to the Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) meeting, a topic-specific meeting held each winter in Arizona. In 2023, the meeting will focus on novel strategies to ensure access for all of our patients to organ transplantation. 

Online Education

There is an ever-expanding collection of educational resources available through the AST across all major specialties. Our members enjoy free and discounted access to our programs, including webinars, publications, and the Comprehensive Trainee Curriculum. 

Our educational offerings provide members with a well-rounded collection of materials to help boost your knowledge in our field. These member-only offerings include:

Additionally, AST members interested in content creation often participate in initiatives contributing to the Society's new educational materials.

Join us Today

Are you interested in joining or renewing your AST membership? Start the process today here.

For more information, check out our Membership FAQ Page and our New Member Guide.



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