Communities of Practice: The Power of Networking and Collaboration

As an AST member, you are likely a member of at least one Community of Practice (COP) – or have heard this term mentioned among colleagues.

COPs are specialty-area focused groups within the AST. There are currently 17 Communities of Practice, each representing specific specialty areas in transplantation. We launched the first COP - the Infectious Disease COP (IDCOP) - in 2003. Over the years, we have expanded the number of COPs to represent our diverse membership and to allow members of all specialties to be part of a professional community. We recently welcomed our 17th COP, the Donation and Transplantation Optimization Community of Practice (DTO COP), in 2022.

A Big Member Benefit 

AST membership is much more than an ATC discount. It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, share ideas, and work together to push the field of transplantation forward. With two-thirds of AST members being part of at least one COP, it is among the most popular benefits for members.

Being part of a COP is a fantastic way for AST members to collaborate, connect with new colleagues in their specialty, join workgroups, and contribute to the advancement of transplantation. Each COP has an elected Executive Committee and approved initiatives each year, which you can find listed on their webpages. Many COPs focus on patient and professional education, creating content, submitting proposals for ATC, hosting consensus conferences, and tackling key advocacy issues.

Start Collaborating Today

If you are already a COP member, check out your COP's Hub today to view current discussions or start your own. Our COPs are active and thriving because of members like you. Reach out to the COP executive committee with your ideas and initiatives.

If you have not yet joined a COP, I encourage you to check out our complete list of COPs to find the communities best suited for your role in transplantation. Once you are an AST member, joining a COP is absolutely free.

Joining a COP could be the start of a new branch of your career. Many COP members are involved with creating content, educational materials, and much more.

Check out our COPs today – or leave a comment sharing what you find most valuable about being part of a COP.


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