Join AST's Efforts in Advancing Transplantation

Each year, the AST continues to grow thanks to our members' dedication and collaborative efforts. As we reflect on our journey this year, we are grateful for the strides we've made together.

Through collective endeavors, the AST has accomplished a lot over the last year. From expanding programs like the Living Donor Circle of Excellence to welcoming 150 Fellows to the Fellows Symposium on Transplantation, fostering research with over a million dollars in grants, hosting insightful fireside chats through our IDEAL committee, and collaboration with our Communities of Practice (COPs), our impact has been substantial.

While the dedication of our members is unwavering, the reality is that the funds generated through membership dues cover only a small portion of our extensive activities. Therefore, we rely on generosity through giving to continue driving our initiatives forward.

Here are two ways you can help right now.

Help Develop the Workforce with ATC Travel Grants

In 2023, the Trainee and Young Faculty and Women's Health Communities of Practice partnered to sponsor a $1000 travel grant for ATC. The goal was to encourage early career interest (medical students, residents) in transplant careers. We received an overwhelming number of applications for this grant.

This year, for Giving Tuesday, we have added a donation category to help support early career professionals by awarding more travel grants and new mentoring opportunities at ATC. We hope to support 10 trainees in attending the ATC in 2024.

This goal directly correlates with our Developing the Workforce strategic aim in our strategic plan. A trainee's specialty selection depends on early exposure and identification of role models and mentors. This previously unexplored pipeline has tremendous potential to increase early exposure to transplantation.

During the ATC meeting, trainees will be paired with faculty mentors and connect with their peers, who will help them navigate the meeting. A “Trainee Track” schedule will be designed for the trainees to follow.


The COP Donation Derby

The Donation Derby is pivotal in enabling our COPs to achieve their goals. The Donation Derby is a testament to the incredible projects and initiatives accomplished each year, leveraging the funds raised to propel our mission further.

The Donation Derby has allowed our COPs to make a significant impact. Donations during this campaign have funded activities, including:

  • Empowering Access: Offering travel grants for crucial events like the ATC.
  • Developing the Workforce: Supporting medical students and early-career professionals through grants and networking events.
  • Facilitating Knowledge Exchange: Hosting symposiums and conferences to foster learning and collaboration.
  • Promoting Opportunities for Members: Funding research grants, consensus conferences, and publishing fees.
  • Nurturing Professional Development: Providing support, mentorship, and resources for AST members.


Your contributions directly empower these initiatives, enabling us to amplify our impact and reach within the transplantation community.

Together, we can advance the frontiers of transplantation, drive innovation, and create a more inclusive and knowledgeable future.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community and considering donating to propel us toward our shared goals.

If you are interested in other donations areas, check out all of the categories here. Stay tuned for more exciting ways to get involved in 2024!


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