CEoT 2023: 5 Things You Won't Want to Miss

The 2023 Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT) meeting is just a couple of weeks away. There is still time to register and attend. I encourage you to check out these notable events happening at the meeting.

CEoT will be an interactive meeting on access for all in transplantation. Register today to attend the meeting and participate in the discussion.

Here are five must-see events at CEoT 2023:

Eight Interactive Sessions on Access for All
CEoT 2023 will feature eight sessions on access for all in transplantation. This year, each session will be introduced by a member of the transplant patient community.

We will begin by defining this challenge and what needs to be accomplished. The meeting will address strategies to improve access and referrals to transplantation, as well as inequities in transplant evaluation, selection process, waitlist management, and recipient readiness. The meeting will also include a session on infectious disease which will also focus on improving access and throughput.

Additionally, sessions during CEoT will address overcoming barriers to allow for increased patient access to donor organs. Attendees can also attend breakouts to allow for more specialized sessions.

A final session will focus on overcoming inertia and solutions to ensure access to transplantation.

Each session will also include a panel discussion to allow audience members to participate actively in the meeting.

Check out the meeting details by viewing the Program or watching this video featuring the CEoT co-chairs, Drs. David Foley and Vineeta Kumar.

Transplant Visionaries Challenge
Join us on Friday, February 24, at 5 pm for the Transplant Visionaries Challenge. A five-judge panel will evaluate each presenter's ideas during this session. During this interactive session, judges will award prizes, and audience members will vote on their favorites. 

Keynote Speaker, Sylvie Leotin
Join us on Friday, February 24, to hear from our keynote speaker, Sylvie Leotin! Sylvie is a cancer survivor, tech innovation veteran, and the founder and CEO of Equify Health.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to hear Sylvie's story and learn more about her perspective on improving patient access and outcomes.

Exciting Networking Opportunities
Each year at CEoT, attendees enjoy several networking opportunities to catch up with colleagues and meet new people in the transplant community. This meeting features two receptions and ample time between sessions to network.

CEoT has been virtual since 2020, so we are thrilled to offer in-person networking at this meeting again!

Fun Ways to Win Free Registration
This year, attendees can participate in fun, interactive challenges, and win 2024 CEoT registration! Attendees will have the chance to win by visiting exhibitors and attending the opening reception.

The meeting will also include an interactive photo wall. Attendees will have the opportunity to take a photo and receive a prize.

Not yet registered? Check out our website to start planning your trip today.

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